Albertson Lab

Asher Albertson, MD, PhD

Research features:
Bi-directional relationship between brain age and stroke/stroke recovery. 
Role of structural plasticity in stroke recovery.
Leverage new technology to predict clinical worsening in neuro ICU patients

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Dhar Lab

Rajat (Raj) Dhar, MD, FRCPC

Research features:
AI for image segmentation and outcome prediction
Image analysis pipelines
Big data and genomics
Organ support in brain death

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Kang Lab

Peter Kang, MD, MSCI

Critical care and emergency neurology, neurologic manifestations of critical illness, advanced multimodal neuroimaging methods, cerebral small vessel disease, cerebrovascular physiology and metabolism, vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia.

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Kummer Lab

Terrance Kummer, MD, PhD

Research features:
Creating more clinically relevant models of TBI
Studying the relationship between synapse density and acute brain injury.
Studying the relationship between traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disease.
Using EEG as a biomarker of coma and recovery after acute brain injury?

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